Podcast Audio Files

I want to create an Ornothology component to the podcast, which has a tentative name of “The Amateur Naturalist”. I want to make a a “Deep Dive” into a bird. In order to do that I want to start it with the bird’s call and song. Ian Cruickshank, a Victoria native, has recorded a lot of those calls and they are online here: http://www.xeno-canto.org/contributor/XEIROMUDEB?pg=3

I’m not sure if they are open source but I’m in the process of contacting him to use it for the podcast. They are great quality recordings so they are worth a listen for those who are interested.


Learning About Birds

I went to the library to get more information about birds as I have found the more I’m involved in the local natural history community the more I understand that birds are often the focus. I’m trying to learn more about them and creating a bird section to the podcast I want to make.

I’m also trying to learn more about bird anatomy by learning to draw them with limited drawing ability.


This is not associated with my open or my tech inquiry but I did a unit plan for my reading course and I tried to icorporate tech into the unit. The unit was about “The Adventures of Beekle The Unimaginary Friend” by Dan Santat.

My unit plan ended with creating a story on Storyjumper. However, you can use it in a number of ways. I used Storyjumper with children in the after school care I work at and it was great. You can import art made by the students or pictures of them and their friends. It’s a great way to bring a child’s words to life and it’s free to use and create on online story that you can keep as a PDF. The only thing that costs money is if you want to buy a physical copy of the book that you or the children made.


February 24th Lichen Walk

A bone lichen I took a photo of during the moss walk last month.

Juliet Pendray will be leading a lichen walk on February 24th for those interested in the local lichen species. You have to pre-register with Agnes Lynn if you’d like to participate. The number of spots are limited. It’s with the Natural History Society where you can pay a 25$ fee for a year membership but you are welcome to come to four events for free before becoming a member. Information to register: https://www.vicnhs.bc.ca/?page_id=1518

Juliet Pendray is a naturalist who is offering courses at Royal Roads University. https://secure.royalroads.ca/cscourses/juliet-pendray

iMovie editing

I don’t have a Mac but I did find the iMovie software intuitive and I think this is a useful skill to have for my future teaching. This would be an easy to use software to allow kids to create video assignments.

Exploring Audio Editing

Myself and Nick Henry are planning to explore recording and editing a podcast. Hopefully, in the future we will be able to bring this into the classroom and allow the kids to explore their passions and learn using podcasts or any audio recording. The first step for us is to look into and explore audio editing so

Audacity is a free audio recording and editing software. I’ll be exploring this software first and updates will be on the way.


Acoustica has a free trial version that I will explore. This one has a reputation for being a more user and beginner friendly software.


Adobe Audition is widely regarded as the best audio editing software and costs 21$ a month. Thankfully Nick has done some radio work in the past and has some experience using Adobe Audition. We’ll be exploring this software later in the year.


I will not be using Twitter. No disrespect to the platform and I see the value that can be obtained from using it. I do, however, know that outside this course I will not be using it. I have tried it in the past and I never log in. I struggle to use social media. I have no interest in portraying myself in an online way. I have Facebook but I never use it. I do post photos on there in order that my friends from abroad know that I’m still alive but I’d much rather interact with people in person than on the internet. I get almost no value out of interacting with people in a digital way. I check my phone only a few times a day. If I’m struggling to check and text with my phone I doubt Twitter will be of great use to me.